Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Creating Voice Applications in minutes-QuickFuse

Ever wondered if you could make Interactive voice applications not just for your computer , but also for your android, ios and windows phone  in just minutes...yeah you heard it right making voice applications has become that simple.

In a world where voice apps such as  Line , We Chat ,Voxer are on their peak  and are quite complex (as can be seen in their code), making apps via drag and drop programming is on a platter.

Introducing, the smart ,simple and the quickest way to make interactive voice applications .

How Quickfuse works ?

You must be wondering, how it works and how it can be so easy to make apps without coding and without being a programmer, Well the truth is.
All you need is only a web browser and you are set to go.

Read the description here on to know how it works.
So , set yourself on fire and make something cool.Here are some examples you can do with Quickfuse :-



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