Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Open Source Wikipedia {{HATNOTE}} Project

Another great open source project and an opportunity to contribute  to encyclopedia of web-Wikipedia.

What is  HATNOTE?

HATNOTE is an open source projects created by wikipedia to create a map of recent changes added /created on wikipedia by unregistered users and the article they edit.
In other words whenever an article is created/edited , changes are shown on the map and you get to know the  approximate location of the user.
A snapshot of map look likes this :-

If you look carefully you will see  228 edits being made in just 34 seconds 

How It Works ?

This map listens to live feeds of Wikipedia revisions, broadcast using wikimon. The map is built using a few nice libraries and services, including d3DataMaps, and This project was inspired by WikipediaVision’s (almost) real-time edit visualization

Contributing to HATNOTE
If you are amazed by this project and /or feeling like contributing to this project, open source community is there to welcome you :)
The Wikipedia Recent Changes Map is open source and available on github.



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