Monday, 5 August 2013

And here comes an open source Q/A Forum,be ready to compete Stackexchange.

I mean why not? Why not make an open source Q/A forum when everything is going to so much open source.Here it is from the makers of AnswerHub , we have an open source Q/A forum named QSQA.
Ofcourse you must be wondering what the heck?Why  i should give a damn about this, when there is no dearth of forums on the world wide web, yeah you are pretty much right, ironically you are wrong enough to make such an early judgement.

For the impatient readers a  quick read,
OSQA is the Open Source Q&A System. It is free software licensed under the GPL, and you can download the OSQA application and source code here. OSQA is provided by the makers ofAnswerHub so everyone can enjoy access to reliable, free Q&A software. We understand that some people who need a Q&A solution may not be able to afford our professional product, AnswerHub, but everyone can afford OSQA! OSQA is written in Python and powered by the Django application framework.

Source-Code and QSQA Application can be downloaded from here,

For a little more patient, ahaa! go ahead :D

TL;DR Version:

A Background on AnswerHub

AnswerHub is a cloud-based enterprise Q&A platform that helps you increase engagement, reduce support costs, and better understand how your brand and message are reaching your audience. Leveraging Q&A knowledge sharing, AnswerHub can be easily integrated into the way your organization  does business, safely and securely.

So,what basically you can do with this?
This is the best tool to create internal question /answers between the employees.
Here are some of the snapshots from QSQA community forums

Keep Breathing!!
Do comment for suggestions, criticism.
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