Monday, 25 February 2013

10 Windows Secrets that you must know!

Don't be dumb and learn some "secret" tricks that you even not have wondered.
There is no end of resources to look on the net and learn some secrets about your window, but this post promises to provide the tricks that are rarely known and at times are very practical to implement.

1.Shortcut to open Windows Task Manager
One need not to press ctrl+alt+del and then select task manager.

2.Play a movie in command prompt
Open command prompt and execute the command "telnet"(without quotes), the movie will start in a second!!
To play with this feature , you can do the following steps:-
1.Click on start
2.Control panel
3.Programs and features
4. turn windows feature on/off

 3.Change password of Windows OS without any knowledge of current password.
the technique is extremely useful and easy to execute! ;)
Follow these steps:-
1.Open command prompt (shift+right click+select "open command window here"
2.Type "net user" (without quotes) to get to know all the active accounts.
3.Choose the account name for which you wanna change the password( for e.g Admin,guest, yoyo etc)
4.type "net user  accountname" without quotes (here accountname refers to the name of account you have chosen)
5.Finally type "net user accountname *"(without quotes), press enter and see the magic!!!
It asks for a new password, type and retype to go ahead.
PS: You won't be able to see the password even anyone can't see but it is actually there.

4.Useful Shortcut Keys
Following are the short cut keys , i use frequently:-
1.F2=rename a file or folder. start panel (windows 8)
4.shift+right click+"open command prompt here"
5. Get more options  by clicking on a folder"shift+right click"

5.Use notepad as Personal Log File
From now you will be choosing notepad as your personal diary to maintain check in!!
Follow these:-
1.Open notepad 
2.Type ".LOG" (in capitals and without quotes)
3.Press enter
4.Save and close the file
5.Open the file again and enjoy
PS: Whenever you open the file you can check the details when you opened it last 

6. Unacceptable Folder Names
Some of the character strings are reserved by DOS and hence one cannot create folder names like:-
  • CON
  • AUX
  • NULL
  • LPT1
  • COM1 
If you ever try to create the folder/file by these names , either you will get an error or a Default folder name!

7.Handy Settings Shortcut
Create a folder and save it as
This creates an access to all the settings on windows.

8.Problems Steps Recorder
1.Search for psr from start menu and run it.
2.Click on start recording
This will record the activities through a series of screen shots also with automatic captions, comments can also be added.
Stop recording and everything will be saved in a MHTML compatible file, conveniently pre-ziped ready to be upload/E-mail.

9.Reliability Monitor
This feature let you the computer history and reliability
To use this feature, type "reliability" in start menu search box and go ahead :D

10.Browse through the folder in Command prompt
In command mode , there is no need to type full path of folder manually. Just type cd then spacebar and tab and then tab to browse through them! (Best for coders)



  1. The telnet is not any Windows tricks...But it's really awesome!

    1. Yeah! Abhishek it's not windows trick but it works perfectly with windows.
      Glad you liked it :)


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