Friday, 7 June 2013

Introducing Ohloh -Discover,Track and Compare Open Source Projects

With  23,457,982,058 lines of code , millions of open source contributors, 537,692  source control repositories  and a  million of open source projects , it is undoubtedly an OPEN SOURCE REVOLUTION.

With over 5 millions of open source projects available which one is most preferred and why ? How many users are working on a single project ?What is being made ? How it is done and well , ya what it is insight ? Which programming language is used ?
If you are looking to be a FOSS-(Free and open source software) Programmer , some of the above points will be in your mind and with arid knowledge on what and how to choose a project, you can never choose a project.
Ohloh is just like a search engine that lets you compare over 5 million of open source projects that are being done and let you choose best that fit to you. 
Some of the points worth mentioning Ohloh are :

  • Discover open source projects with  categories such as Language, users and utility
  • Compare open source projects 
  • Claim your contributions
  • Highlight your use of FOSS
  • Get featured in most active conributors
An example of use of Ohloh :
Ohloh let you search for an example before you join the open source community 



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