Saturday, 25 May 2013

Make Publish and Maintain your website FREE with Microsoft Webmatrix-3

Well the open source revolution is not gonna stop and here we have a voluble development platform and that too by microsoft. Talking of microsoft , well one needs no explanation  and the insight , how valuable the microsoft products can be.

What's new in this?  
If you  considering webmatrix as another archetypal web-development tool , while already wordpress, joomla etc in market, then wait here is what is new and innovative in this tool :

  • Integrated Git and TFS control systems
  • Free webhosting for upto 10 websites on Windows Azure
  • Remote site editing
  • Source Control With Git
  • Source Control With TFS
How to get started with Webmatrix 3? 
If you are having doubts on how to get started on your latest web development tool , here you go a detailed and comprehensive guide :

Create and Publish Sites
Edit Sites
Use Extensions
Learn, Database, Reports

  So what more you want , a free development tool + free web hosting, seems like dream come true 



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