Friday, 19 April 2013

7 Youtube Channels A Learner Must Subscribe

Youtube being the largest site as the database of videos all over the world , it has got videos in those niches you may not have wondered.While stumbling upon youtube, i felt like there are category of videos rather channels that actually are a must watch for any student, no matter what your area of interest  is.

Moving on, the list is:-

TED is a community of people that spread ideas across the globe in every niche, seriously every niche that are inspiring motivational, fascinating and are reliable.  Watching their videos let one to discover and explore various opportunities and ideas prevalent in world.

Since there are thousands of thousands of videos they have, if you are looking for a video and Particular niche then you must try this TED Surprise Me

Another channel that I recommend is BIG Think , based on similar concept of  TED Talks, but with a pinch of salt , the channels has gradually become popular and have got about more than 4 lacs  youtube subscribers across the world.
The talks and ideas are heart-throbbing and sometimes rather most of times put a profound effect on us and thereby improving  and opening the tunnel of vision.

THNKR as a channel has only 273 videos but the fact it is  recommended , because of over 1 lac subscriptions it has got. THNKR not only focus on Ideas , but also on real life stories and case studies.
Some of the videos i recommend watching are:

If you have read my previous posts, you will find "codeOrg" in many post,reason behind  emphasizing on this channel  is this video:

What most schools don't teach

Learning to program is not important only because you want a high paid job, but it's important as it let you think , breaks your mental  barrier and provides a whole new vision to unlock your potentials.

HOWCAST is itself a series of channels of different categories that let you know the daily hack to live a better and easy life.
The various categories it includes are:

eHow provides helpful tips and tricks that are rarely known and that matters a lot. Providing hacks and tips on the web is a trend these days but the question is are they reliable? eHow is definitely a reliable one, with over 2 billion youtube  videos views.. Like Howcast it has also different categories and sub channels:

Summing up with the list, it is really impossible for anyone to stay motivated all the time, there are ups and downs  in everyone's life and at that time we require some external stimuli to help us feel motivated and hence what the channel does. A collection of awesome videos that seriously make you feel good.

I must recommend watching this videofrom this channel:

That's all in the list.
Thanks for bearing me. Comment and suggestions are always welcome :)
Keep Breathing :D



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