Friday, 5 April 2013

Solve Programming Problems In Minutes With F# !!

Ever wondered how many programming languages we have got? And introducing one more language with all new syntax and learning it from scratch feels awkward.What if you could learn a language that is not only easy to learn but also industry deployed!! Think how much time you can save in making software,programs and applications.

The language is called  F#  "a strongly-typed, functional-first, open-source, cross-platform programming language for writing simple code to solve complex problems. From the business perspective, the primary role of F# is to reduce the time-to-deployment for analytical software components in the modern enterprise. Its interoperability with other languages and libraries and its ability to tackle the complexity of components such as calculation engines and data-rich analytical services offer a compelling story for businesses.
F# is both open-source under the OSI-approved Apache 2.0 license and a first-class language in Visual Studio. It is cross-platform and can be used on Mac OS X, Linux, Android, HTML5 and other platforms."

Why to use F#?

The Biggest Advantage of F# is that you can "solve computer problems in hours that can take even days and  weeks to solve a particular problem.
  • Simple code for complex problems
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Fewer Bugs
  • Seamless Interoperability 
  • Efficient Execution 
  • Information-Rich Programming
With all above assets , it is indispensable to use F#, and become an industry oriented software Engineer!

How to Learn F#?

There is no dearth of learning resources available on web, but the point is are they good enough?
I'll make it easy and save your time to go and research over  F# learning resources.
The best and oldest form of learning is Books
But in case you don't like spending bucks on these books, you can go for tutorials available on net also

Stay Tuned
Happy Coding!!



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