Friday, 12 April 2013

How to make Android apps in minutes and without coding!!

Can you imagine if you could make these Apps in hours?

No wonder everyone would be interested to make Android apps.But it is conventionally not that easy, indeed it is quite tough, as it requires one to be fully equipped with a code efficient  programming environment and a very good knowledge of JAVA.Even if you have all of these you can't even make these apps in minutes, reason is simple, you got to code in conventional method which may appear as a 'crap' to many ( although no offence :D)
So to make Android applications in minutes and without coding , follow these instructions :-

App Inventor is a online virtual interface that lets u make makes easily in a cozy manner and not only this it let you simulate the app u make, so you actually need not an android phone to make an app.
The book can be downloaded from here which has step by step tutorial and  collection of most frequent apps made by developers to learn App Development 

In case You are interested Do have a look at my not so interesting apps but still i'm happy as i made these apps in about 30-40 minutes



Thanks   for bearing me , suggestions,views and anything  (except spam) is always welcome in comments!!



  1. This is the best app for android mobile…Its very fast & easy to use……….The android mobile is way to contact export..


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