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Advanced Level C/C++ Lecture And Courses

Before you go ahead, it is very important to watch this video if you haven't watch till now

Okay! if you are saying that C/C++ is dying then probably you have come to right place to change your wrong hipster's attitude about the C and C++ programming languages which undoubtedly has been the most proficient ways to not only Learn To Code , but to develop the hacker's attitude inside you.

The following List  provides the recommended course that you must know!
Taught by  Stephan T. Lavavej, aka STL, the course is meant only and only for you no matter whether   you are novice, intermediate or  advanced. All the video lectures are about one hour long , going into depth,provoking your thoughts every second.

2.CS 106x by Stanford
Starting with C++ the course give out hangouts of various data structures and algorithms, and finally ends with an introduction of python. Users recommend this course more than anything,according to them life becomes easy after CS106x and learning languages after this course  is a piece of cake.
Here are the lecture Videos:-
C++ References

3.Introduction to Computer Science
Although he name says "Introduction to computer science" but it is much advanced and a must do at least for a novice who has a goal of eating,drinking and breathing code.
Here is a detailed syllabus

YEAH! This is CS50 , one of the most popular courses now being taught by David J. Malan. Although the course is not entirely based on C and C++, but yet this gives learners a great insight to solve the problems using algorithm paradigm.
The best part is that the course is also available in  MOOCs form via edX and if you complete this course before  15 April you get a certificate of Accomplishment.
Learning Objectives: C,C++,HTML,Java Scripts,PHP, Scratch,My SQL ,Data Structures etc.
Another thing that makes this course challenging is a Project that is to be submitted  with the final exam.
Do check edX if you are thinking to have a signature track of this.
H@ppY Coding.

5.C++ For Programmers By Coursera

About the course:-
The course provides an overview of C++ for the experienced C programmer. You will learn how C++ is more powerful than C. The C++ STL library will be featured. This library allows C++ programmers to code generically, efficiently and at a high level. You will learn how to write basic graph algorithms such as the shortest path algorithm. You'll then put this skill to use in a programming assignment aimed at producing an intelligent hex player.

Recommended Background for this course:-
One year of experience in programming with C or a similar programming language is required. You should have a basic familiarity with implementing standard CS algorithms, especially graph algorithms, such as the shortest path algorithm. Some object-oriented software development is also desirable. These topics are typically taught in a first year computer science curriculum.

PS: The list is small but contains the elite and recommended courses suggested by experts and explored with research.It will be updated ASAP i get more course.

Suggestions and comments are always welcomed :)



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