Tuesday, 19 March 2013

7 Freelancer Sites to Make you Rich!

No matter how large is your pocket money or your income. At some point of time there comes a situation when one has to stretch his/her arms to earn more.

Let me share with you the best ten websites explored by me that respect your talent and pay you enough to cope with any financial burden or problems or even let you make the extra  money with an ease!

PS:- The sites here are in no order and may be equally rated for any purpose .

Fiverr is not exactly a freelancer site  but is a "true" freelancer sites as it involves almost anything.
It is also known as  5$ site because of amount it pays!
Normally this is the site best recommended to people who are creative in terms of graphics designing, animation video,logo,photo shop and more.
Some of the employees of this site includes Thelifehacker, CNN , Yahoo Finance and The Wall Street Journal

Elance is the biggest community of the freelancers on the web consisting of over 1 lakh Jobs!!
It has
1,53000 programmers
16,500 Mobile Developers
106,00 Designers
and others lakhs of content writers. Not only this the site is updated  frequently so there is no dearth of opportunities available here!!
Here is  what some people say about Elance
""I love Elance because I believe programmers are like artists. We can't work from 9 to 5."

"""Thanks to what I earn working on Elance, I can pay for rent, food and school expenses. I can work on what I love doing - I love my new job and I'm living my dream." »"""  
As the name suggest Freelancer , the site is aimed to provide any and every type of freelancer work that is available to masses.
Here are some of the claims that the site make:- is the world's largest outsourcing marketplace,
empowering entrepreneurs & small businesses worldwide.
  • Outsource anything you can think of!
  • Projects start at $30 and the average job is under $200
  • Programmers, designers, content writers are ready now!
Here I go, freelancer is sure shot a recommended site :)
The stats of the websites are the best proof to tell the site's worth and capability of not just hiring freelancers but also provide the employers with the best freelancers.
There is also no problem with payment issues and payments are made asap.
Here is what the site claims
Over 1 million users worldwide have used to complete over 3 million tasks, share over 7 million messages and files, and create over 150 million dollars in value. Are you using 

Odesk is ranked no.1 by Annual Contractor readings and definitely it is worth of  it!~
Odesk is different from other freelancer websites as there are much more features and niches in which one can find not only jobs but also freelancers to make work for them!
Although the range of work is quite large but following are the some of the special areas to get rich with time :-
All freelancer work is another freelancer job community  especially for programmers , designers, bloggers, content writers. This is a bit low in the list but the site is worth to find a freelance work fast enough and earn some extra bucks!!

Okay! after seeing  above sites you must be wondering what the heck!  another site?  
and  someone must be thinking :-

But wait ! wait! wait! this is the last site for you to explore but definitely  not the least in the list :P
The things that make this site distinct from others  is  NO TRANSACTION COST, 
yeah,you heard  it right it has no transaction cost .

The Various categories are :-

Hope you enjoy reading the blog, suggestions and comments are always welcomed.



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